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William Spencer III

One Man exhibits


Horvath Bass Galleries - Sacramento

Medusa Gallery - Sacramento

William Spencer III Gallery - Sacramento

Art Box Gallery -Roppongi - Tokyo

San Ygnacio Ltd. - Los Angeles Art Expo

Current Exhibits:


Belleza Gallery - Bisbee, AZ

Juried shows:


Sausalito Art Festival - 1989

Los Angeles Art Expo - 1989

Kingsley Art exhibit at The Crocker Museum of Art.

Juried by former curator of The Whitney Museum of Art


Sunstorm Fine arts - Southern CA.

Artbook - Scottsdale AZ

Art Expo Preview magazine

Decor - National Art magazine

Sacramento - The 'Best of the city'-issue

On The Wings - Sacto. Art review

Phoenix Home and Garden, Feb 2004 

Diggs Magazine - Tucson, AZ Oct 2002

Tucson Guide - Tucson, AZ Fall 2006

1200 + paintings placed in nice trailer homes since 1984

w   i   l   l   i   a   m   .    s   p   e   n   c   e   r   .   i   i   i

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