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William Spencer III -

Artist's Bio

A commercial illustrator before 1982 - Spencer made a switch to painting in 1984. Debuting in Northern California - He was chosen to exhibit in the Crocker Kingsley -- an annual show-- by a former curator of the Whitney Museum. The Crocker Kingsley is put on by the Oldest Art Club West of the Mississippi. Spencer's work was part of The Crocker Art Museum -Sacramento, CA during the exhibit.

Artist Statement:


 “My work is reflective of the subconscious levels of which we are generally unaware.  I find new things about my work all the time. Things I didn't realize were there when I painted them. If I use familiar images in ways I am not accustomed – the work will always find associations to that subconscious terrain. Memory is triggered by this and this is a vital aspect of my work.

It’s important that collectors supply their own meaning without any explanation from me.
My works are mostly Acrylic on Plaster with occasional Encaustic on  Plastered Eucalyptus Panel. I often make use of Silk Screen as well as Collage or stenciling from previously manipulated photo work although I have painted photo-realism as well.


w   i   l   l   i   a   m   .    s   p   e   n   c   e   r   .   i   i   i

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